We Don’t Sell LEADS, We Sell SALES!

You Sell Cars or You Get Your Money Back

Sell To Your Competitor’s Customers

We use Real-Time Intent Based Behavioral Targeting to find people who are in the market for a new vehicle RIGHT NOW.

Are you tracking your Advertising Cost Per Sale?

The National average is $636 per sale.  We help you lower that!


We Offer Auto Dealerships A Digital Solution that will Guarantee 60 to 120+ Pure Conquest Units Sold Every 12 weeks. Generate 30 to 60 Conquest sales units every 45 days through buyers that exist OUTSIDE your CRM and Database, all backed by our 100% written money back guarantee.


Learn how you can easily sell 15-20 units per month to prospects you thought were gone forever. With the Industry’s only CRM Reanimation product of it’s kind, we’ll help you convert those dead, inactive, lost or unsold leads filling up your CRM into found profits.



Our automotive marketing products and services leverage today’s most advanced digital and online technologies to deliver new conquest sales and service customers.

With highly targeted and proprietary in-market data systems, we offer trackable, traceable results in every marketing campaign that we manage and give you peace of mind that every ad dollar spent will maximum ROI.

Co-op Approved and OEM Compliant

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